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In order to explain how we work, we describe our services in three stages:



1. Conceptual phase

  • Our initial meetings with you will help define your needs and expectations.

  • We will get together a feasible plan of action.

  • We will apply the budget provided to requirements and requests, and advise on the best was to achieve this.

  • We will address space allocation needs and how to effectively use the space for a specific function.

  • We offer mood boards to help establish a unified design plan.

  • We will be in touch with any needed professionals to make sure timetables work.










2. Design Development

  • We offer floorplans, drawings and product engineering/technical drawings.

  • The sourcing of: interior furnishings, lighting, colour schemes, paint, textiles.

  • We work with a product engineer and can design bespoke furniture.

  • We will get together a specifications sheet which will include all the details of any sourced items.










3. Contract Administration

  • In this stage the client/designer joint vision is put into effect.

  • The supervision of many moving parts will be required. This may include delivery, purchase, or installation of furniture, fixtures, equipment, etc.

  • We will assist in getting competitive bids for furnishing and merchandise.

  • We will also assist in coordinating the schedule for delivery and pick up.

  • We will oversee decorating work and install.